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Class time 10:00am to 4:00pm

Our chefs will help steer you through some classic French dishes, both sweet and savoury during this fun-packed day.  This is a class that will treat your tastebuds.

Class includes:

  • One-day class tuition
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments throughout the day
  • Lunch
  • Recipe pack
  • The dishes you made to take away and enjoy at home

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1 review for FRENCH COOKERY

  1. Phil Ashley

    Bak 2 Skool
    The worst thing for me is trying to think of a title for my review
    Anyway –
    Let’s be objective: The ICE people were having major work done; a new Café being fitted out, new kitchens, new ovens, you name it. It was all gleaming and bright
    I went on the “French Cookery” course. There were 4 people on it and there would have been space for 2 more.
    The Kitchen was well lit and there was more than enough room to move around without getting in each other’s way; a great safety consideration. Each work station was colour coded with say red utensils, mats etc, the next station would be blue, green and so on. Very simple but a clever idea.
    Note for the unwary and/or clumsy: The knives are sharp. I don’t just mean “sharp”, I mean super sharp. They were as sharp as my own working knives which surprised me as I know how much work goes into producing a decent edge.
    We all prepared meals to take home and also our lunch: Moules marinière, made our own bread (mine didn’t rise properly due to my stupidity and not paying attention)
    Moules marinière is a dish I’ve cooked loads of time but its little things that one picks up has made reconsider how I’ll produce the dish next time I’m on the beach.
    Then it was onto the main course of Coq au vin: Again, this was created from the ground up. No nonsense about having chicken ready to go. This was half a chicken each and get it sorted. What did I learn from this? Thyme – take the little leaves off the stems then you don’t get the woody bits in the food. It’s so obvious but it had never occurred to me.
    At the same time, we were making Dauphinoise potatoes and Pois á la crême (?) – both dishes were so easy to make once you’re shown the proper way to make them and made a brilliant accompaniment
    Then, to top it off, Tarte Tatin. The pastry was, thank goodness prepared for us.
    We were using Induction Hobs. I’ve never used them before so I found that quite difficult to get my head around. I should imagine that once you grasp the fact they are instantaneous, they would be very easy to use.
    Would I go again?
    Yes, without any reservations.

    I neglected to take any photos of the food we produced which was a shame and, for that, I apologise.

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